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December 16, 2018

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Bermuda's Cultural Future

Obviously Bermuda has no culture since you website is blank under that
category. May I suggest that all of you Bermudians need to first get
educated so you can
1) get a decent job so you can afford to attend cultural events and
2) you can understand what you are attending
Then you need to grow out of the "Good Morning" syndrome. Making someone say
"Good Morning" before you will even pay attention to them shows a complete
lack of culture. Words are meaningless unless the actions match them.
There I've said my piece,
I Emphedop, 4/4/01

On the subject of education, I agree. Bermuda should not be complaining about missing the boat when it comes to high-paying jobs until we invest in the education that will qualify ourselves to take them.
Cornholio, 2/7/01